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Candid Sessions

One-on-one sessions with Shoshana are the most direct path to a balanced existence.

You can be the CEO of a company and need a consultant on conflicts arising, or simply an individual who needs to address conflicts that have been ongoing in one’s life.

With my experience and assistance a great leader can become a teacher and an individual can become the master of their own life.

The Candid Resolutions 10 Week Course.

The Candid Resolutions 10-week course is a non-stop, not-for-the-weak course in conflict resolution led by founder Shoshana Ohlbaum. With three 120 minutes sessions and a 1 hour one-on-one per week, you will ride the roller coaster of reality and come out ready to take on the world.  By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Define conflict
  • Define key concepts of interpersonal, intergroup, and intercultural conflict resolution
  • Describe a variety of conflict resolution strategies and techniques
  • Understand left-brain vs. right-brain
  • Grasp the usage of self-awareness
  • Identify basic concepts and skills of negotiating
  • Recognize needs, positions, vs. interests
  • Communicate based on an awareness of self and others
  • Define the role of empathy
  • Acquire basics skills of mediation
  • Identify the role of emotions in negotiation and ways in which to increase emotional intelligence
  • Use effective methods for creative problem-solving
  • Apply course content to personal and professional conflicts and self reflect on those conflicts

The CR Corporate Seminar

Seminars are a great way to fortify your company’s employees to be as effective and productive as possible while at the same time installing a solid foundation for effective communication to occur which can only facilitate a fully functioning working environment.

Our corporate seminars are designed as 1 to 5 day bootcamp courses.  Prior to the course, Shoshana will meet with leadership to determine what the goals are for the course.

Our seminars are tailored to your company needs.

Some topics that may be covered are:

* Pinpoint & identify the conflict

*Facilitate effective communication skills

*Brainstorm how to move forward in a manner that would be harmonious & positive for all involved.

*Skill-building activities


*Active Listening Techniques

*Controlling emotions when a situation arises

*Effective methods for creative problem- solving

*Installing a system for future check-ins to establish a regiment to build a cohesive working unit.

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